Pasarbella houses global cuisines and Singapore’s freshest products such as wines, craft beers and premium groceries.


Inspired by the different markets around the globe. Pasarbella’s unique and classic interiors is a combination of the Covent Garden in London, and the aromatic scents of fresh, organic products in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market.


Pasarbella the name itself is obtained from both the local term and Italian term, ‘pasar’ refers to market and ‘bella’ stands for beautiful.


Not only it is family friendly, the market retreat has always been a passion project from the start, and will continue to stay loyal to its goal of being warm, community-based, open-concept market.


As a premium grocery shopping destination, Pasarbella stocks a wide range of both local and international brands that provide top quality products that are extremely niche and exotic in nature. With over 30 food and retail stores to visit and explore, families are in for a real treat!


From the freshest seafood, meat, dairy and products, to wines and craft beers, global cuisines and personal services, Pasarbella is indeed a place of those who venture into the quaintness of a unique market experience, nestled within a family, lifestyle and dining enclave.


Global traders are able to assemble and share in an experience that illustrates a warm and delightful atmosphere, while providing a unique lifestyle and food experience to everyone who visits.


To add a little taste to the ambience, live music and busking performances keeps both young and old entertained. Be sure to come with an empty stomach and a happy heart!


Brian Khoo, 22, a regular in Singapore Armed Force (SAF) who likes to spend his free time exploring the hidden places in Singapore. Claimed to be first time in Pasarbella, said that the atmosphere was different from any places he had been to. It was as if he had travelled to another country. “The vibe that this place gives is so unique yet relaxing.” Said by Brian when he combs through his hair with a quirky smile on his face.


The market itself could be booked for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, farewell parties and more. No longer have to crack heads for ideas. It is also an ideal location for varies style of photo-shoots from having a pre-wedding, save-the-date, business shoots and for filming commercial purposes.


What’s more Pasarbella provides a space for entrepreneurs to start their small business on weekends to test market on their products. Not only it’s a family friendly market but also it’s business friendly!


Pasarbella at The Grandstand is located in Bukit Timah at 200 Turf Club Road. As it is located in a pretty isolated area surrounded by hills and quiet road, most customers travel by car or the free shuttle bus service provided. It opens from 10a.m to 9p.m from Monday to Thursday and 10a.m to 10p.m from Friday to Sunday.