What Technology Do To Our Modern Relationships

Relationships back then in the 90s and now are completely different. Due to the technology advances, thanks to our smart phones and social medias, the millennial generation is stepping up the game for our modern dating.


Materialistic. Millennials are too busy chasing materialistic things and there’s no scope for love. Willing to stay up all night camping in front of the laptop for the release of Kylie’s Jenner lip kit, but couldn’t make time to talk on the phone for five minutes. Relationship is just a matter of convenience for sex.


Facebook. Millennials wants a Facebook relationship status to be official so that every one can like and comment on, and want the social media post to shout hashtag #relationshipgoals. Without a Facebook official, relationships are nothing but a fling.


Tinder. Millennials spend hours during midnight swiping left in hopes of finding the right person. But do not have the time to have face-to-face interaction because people are too busy with their phones.


Reading advices online. Google is just a few clicks away for which solves everything that you want to know. By using Elite Daily and Though Catalog as the ultimate relationship adviser reading articles like ‘10 Things He Do Says That He Is Into You’ and ‘10 Ways To Get Her To Like You’. In hopes of being able to find a person and get into a relationship like everything is going to be perfect. People tend to invest more time in their Tinder profiles than our personalities nowadays.


Snapchat. Sending nudes through snapchat is a safer alternative of actual sending nudes pictures. The image disappears within 10 seconds so that millennials do not fear their nudes being posted online. They snap more small chats then they ever did in messages.


Lack of real intimate interaction. Millennials meet up to make small talk for bout an hour only to return home and make more small talk via text. Millennials forgo chances of attaining real connection by mutually playing mind games. One received a text message and purposely wait for two hours to reply a text and wait after three missed calls before we answer the phone.


Millennials want the façade of a relationship, but don’t want the work of a relationship. Millennials want to hold hands without any eye contact and the teasing without any serious conversations. Living in the world of fairy tales like what the media portray what relationships should be like, people want the promise without the commitment. Also, celebrating anniversaries without the work and efforts of maintaining a relationship.


Unrealistic expectations. Millennials want to listen to sweet nothings where all the words are coated with sugar, but do not want to the idea of settling down. People want to be swept off their feet, yet at the same time remaining safe and standing on their own ground. Millennials want to keep chasing the idea of love, but do not want to actually fall in love. When things get too close to being in a committed relationship, people would run as fast as they could. Hide as far they could. Avoid and leaving without giving any explanations.


Self-entitlement. Millennials wants to feel entitled to love, like how they feel entitled to full-time jobs straight out of college. Wants to have a loyal partner, but wants to be out partying all day.


Millennials play hard to get just to test if the other party will play hard enough, but ended up the other party will be left exhausted from trying because the mind games never stops. They discuss the rules of a relationship with their friends, what they want from their future partner but they themselves cannot even comply with their own expectations.